• The 5th Anniversary - 5 Years on 3rd Fleet

      Firstly, I want to thank everyone for their dedication towards this fleet, throughout the good times and the bad. This just goes to show we are a strong fleet that is capable of anything.So it’s been 5 years now, and I want to give you a short trip back in time.

      Fleet History

      In 2006 some friends and I were involved in Role playing on the platform Star Trek: Elite Force and it was great. Back then we heard that Star Trek Online was in the making, but nobody actually had any knowledge of what this game could be, and really none of us could imagine Gameplay in the MMO World as it was back then. Yet we kept an eye out on things and moved on with our Role playing projects like ST: Poseidon, ST: Voyager and ST: Minnesota just to name a few.

      Sadly there weren’t any usable news about the new Star Trek Online game, and after awhile Perpetual Entertainment announced bankruptcy.

      We weren’t really surprised and no one could imagine how Star Trek Gameplay would work in a MMO environment. Yet a few of us kept their interest in the MMO genre as the RPG-X groups and role plays were slowly dying of.

      In 2007 I stumbled upon a few Naval MMO's like Pirates of the Caribbean and Pirates of the Burning Sea. A huge interest of having a guild under the name 3rd Fleet started rising in me, so I registered the domain name 3rdfleet.com in 2008 and formed a fleet for those Naval MMO's in the 16th century.

      The fleet was going in a different direction and everything about Star Trek Online was forgotten at that moment until Cryptic announced that they continue developing Star Trek Online. Of course with me being a big Star Trek fan, I followed the development process real close. In mid-summer of 2008 I decided to scrap the naval fleet and used the 3rdfleet.com domain for Star Trek purposes again.

      The 3rd Fleet for Star Trek Online was officially founded, but with lack of information we didn’t really know where to go from here, so we turned the fleet into a huge role play. Our main holding was the abandoned Cardassian station Empok Nor that we named Starbase Atlantis.

      The Starbase was supposed to be the staging area for other Mini-Sims we offered to the fleet members. What we gathered from the design announcements, every player in STO would be a Captain of their own ship, so we adapted towards this and gave our members their own ships to command. This turned out to be very popular, until the beginning of 2009 when there were issues with the Fleet Command when I decided to prepare the fleet for launch day.

      I wanted this entity to become an international place with people from all over the world. Sadly the former Fleet Command didn’t share the idea with me and we broke up.

      The following months were important for 3rd Fleet. I had assigned a small team of players from past Sim's and role plays to recreate the 3rd Fleet and aim for international Gameplay. In fall 2009 we were ready to go live and we started recruiting. At this time the release date of Star Trek Online has been announced and we were really looking forward to it. The first month of the international Fleet were still hard. It was not easy to gain the interest of people, because most of them were a custom to playing and chatting in their own native language and environment. Yet we Stayed with the idea and moved on.

      On the day of release we were rushing to the game to secure the name 3rd Fleet for us because we noticed that there were plenty of 3rd Fleet's around at this time.

      After the fleet was successfully founded it was one of the brightest times in fleet history. We got a huge amount of sign up's and applications. From one moment to the other everyone wanted to taste the benefits of being an international Fleet and it worked. Then a couple of month after release the enthusiasm was decreasing, majorly due to problems the game itself had. It was way beyond expectations of most players.

      Even I was finding it hard and had to take a break several times. Luckily there were people that kept the fleet up and running, but as we all are humans everyone has a different understanding of idea and function of such an entity.

      It wasn’t always as bright as it was when the fleet launched.

      We were able to expand the fleet towards a fourth division, the Spanish division, and it was probably the most active time of the fleet, by having lots of people from so many different Country’s, but that came with a price. Every Country is different and has different points of views, and this collided with the way 3rd Fleet was run back when the Old Command was in charge.

      Spanish Division decided to move on and they formed there own Spanish fleet.

      It´s always like that in some communities. People come and people go, but you have a strong core of players that stick to their fleet.

      2012 was the year of changes. At least it was supposed to be like that. The Fleet Command (Now Former Fleet Command) decided to revamp the overall concept of the fleet to make it more democratic and giving more people a say on fleet decisions. Such a thing might work in the real world but not in a fantasy world like we have here.

      A strong leadership is needed that is capable of doing decisions in a proper amount of time. Not taking weeks to make a call at this time in the fleet history we had seen alot of people wanting more rank and power.

      Sadly there were people around that wanted the fleet to adapt to their needs not the other way around. When I returned to the fleet, I was put into the advisory role and I gave my best to contribute to the fleet again but also protecting its fundamentals.

      In the end of 2012 the fleet reached a turning point. Lots of new ideas were created, but none of them were really carried out. The major concern of the Fleet Command was to make more room in the ranks for members that obviously deserve a higher rank. I noticed were this was going and when I saw an idea tossed around that the fleet could be having a fleet president real soon, I put all my effort against this idea.

      From that point it went downhill. The former Fleet Command realized that the fleet is at a dead point because its founder (me) did everything to protect the spirit and foundation of this fleet and what it stood for.

      At the beginning of 2013 the former Fleet Command announced that the English Division will be separating from the fleet as the Spanish Division did, and so they did. I was given command back and I had to take it from there. I was bumped into lots of difficulties and there was lots of drama around this separation even though both sides wanted to take it as adults.

      Now at the present, everything is set again and we look into a bright future full of new content in Star Trek Online that brings me to the next point of my anniversary speech.

      The future ahead

      Since day one we were claiming ourselves as Federation-only fleet and it had its benefits. It was always my intention to keep it as close to Star Trek as a fleet can be, so there was no room for a KDF Fleet, or at least no logical explanation for it. The Klingons are at war with the Federation and in my opinion it didn’t make sense to run an enemy fleet. But there is no good fleet without changes.

      From this day we have decided to drop the Federation-only rule from our Fleet Charter and make room for a more open gameplay towards other factions. This idea was grabbed when Cryptic announced the Romulans as playable race. The whole new content will be wrapped around the romulans and we realized there will a huge activity gap if we stay as we are. In those times nobody is probably interested in playing federation content when there is other new content out there.

      The KDF will be receiving a content upgrade as well, so interesting times lay ahead.

      As we listen to feedback from our members we will supporting all 3 factions that are playable ingame as official fleet divisions. Of course our primary goal is to stay a Federation fleet and nothing will be changed there, but we offer cross faction gameplay from now on. Our unofficial KDF Fleet the House of Batek will now be an official fleet division, and will of course receive its own section here own the forums.

      There is nothing much to say about the Romulan Fleet at this point other than we will create one to give our members the possibility to play as Romulans as well. With having Star Trek in mind it should be obvious that our Romulan Fleet will be on good terms with the Federation Fleet and not so good terms with the KDF. So if you want to play a Romulan you will be most likely be allied with the 3rd Fleet ingame. We will flush details out at a later point when we receive more information from Cryptic.

      Also we put a new set of ranks for the newly introduced divisions in. From now on you can play as KDF Officer or as Officer in service of the Romulan Republic.

      It’s a new choice of path. We know that some people here would die to play a full fledged romulan although we are not sure that Cryptic will provide that, but for the 3rd Fleet, you can do that. You can either retrait your career here as KDF Officer or Romulan Officer or both. This will be separated into 3 groups. You don’t need to create a new account for that.

      It’s totally your decision what you play as your primary character. So if you want to be a Romulan Officer as Main here at 3rd Fleet you can do so, but you are still free to play the other factions as well. Also we will allow Romulan / KDF only sign ups to serve a wider palette of opportunity’s to the STO player base. As I said the choice is yours.

      We will be opening a Q & A thread for all your questions.

      >> Romulan Republic Fleet <<
      >> House of Batek <<

      New Visuals

      The fleet is sporting a modified look which you might have noticed. The federation theme has been there for quite a while now and has just got modified a little for the Anniversary. In addition we offer a Romulan & Klingon Themed design now, for our cross faction fans.

      It is our hope that you like the additional designs we made up especially towards the new approach this fleet is taken.

      Anniversary Events

      We will be holding several anniversary events throughout the month which will be announced later. Most of them are social gathering and showing of our fleets pride to the people of the MMO Word.

      This will be a great opportunity to show people that 3rd Fleet is still alive and around, and to also draw new members to our holdings. Spreading the word is key. The fleet command is hoping for a huge attendance at the anniversary events and wishes everyone a great time.
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      1. Ashur's Avatar
        Ashur -
        Happy Anniversary to all !

        Great read, Cris ! I hope the future is indeed bright for us. I want to thank everyone in our fleet for their great work and dedication. We have a lot of decent, fun people here ! Woo-hoo !
      1. Minnow Adama's Avatar
        Minnow Adama -
        Happy Anniversary To the Fleet may she live for more years to come.
      1. Nilmang's Avatar
        Nilmang -
        Happy Anniversary to you all!!
      1. Pinky's Avatar
        Pinky -
        Congratulations on five years and happy anniversary!

        From a new-comer's standpoint, I really appreciate the back-story of the fleet here. I had gathered that some something had happened with the former English-division members but I didn't really know what all went on. I can understand why they'd want a more democratic approach, but I can also understand wanting to keep with the original foundation of the guild. I personally don't mind either way. I just come here to enjoy the company. I also appreciate you opening up for KDF and Romulan-play. I'm very much looking forward to playing the Romulan side when it comes out.
      1. Darkdax's Avatar
        Commodore Darkdax -
        Happy Anniversary to you all!!

        And now we go to the next 5 years!

      1. Lauderia's Avatar
        Lt. Cmdr. Lauderia -
        Happy anniversary to us
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        Fleet Captain Chaky -
        Happy Anniversary 3rd Fleet!
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        jif -
        Happy Anniversary, Thanks for all you do!

        Thank you for all your exceptional work and continued dedication to our teams in space! We really couldn't have done it without you. Here's to many more years of success! Happy Anniversary!
      1. Alexander Moses Fabry's Avatar
        Lt. Cmdr. Alexander Moses Fabry -
        Happy Anniversary To the Fleet!
      1. Egile Collins's Avatar
        Retired Egile Collins -
        Happy Anniversary you all. and thank Cris and others that have helped build this fleet up.
      1. Oliver Ford's Avatar
        Admiral Oliver Ford -
        Glad to be part of 3rd Fleet for over 3 of its 5 years. Long may it continue.

      1. Zeo's Avatar
        Retired Zeo -
        Happy Anniversary!
      1. Firefighter's Avatar
        Captain Firefighter -
        Happy Bithday

        and nice Fraction-Skins
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        Chelsea T`Lea -

        Happy anniversary to our fleet!

        i <3 u all
      1. Ben's Avatar
        Ben -
        Happy Anniversary 3rd Fleet!

        holy moe, what we have been through together, eh?

        Thanks to Cris for building that great community.

        To the Next 5 years!!
      1. Karis's Avatar
        Karis -
        Happy Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday Phaser!

        Happy Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday Torpedo!

        Happy Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday 3rd Fleet!!!

        Now where is that blasted Vulcan with the snacks?

        Spock: I find your choice of snacks to be highly illogical, the Flaming Hot Cheetos are mixed with hot sauce, and could burn a man's tongue and -"

        Shut it Spock, now who is hungry!
      1. Drake's Avatar
        Lt. Drake -
        Happy Anniversary to the 3rd Fleet ^^
        I'm glad to be a member of that community have a lot of fun here =D
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        Captain Nahari -
        Happy Anniversary to this great Fleet!